Terms & Conditions


Once your order is placed, we immediately begin processing your customized order. 



We work with fully licensed and trademarked retailers to provide you with quality products. School logos and designs featured in our shop will vary based on availability. 

We purchase the product and then create our own custom design! Each shirt is a unique alteration of a trademarked product.

Please allow up to 3 weeks for your item to ship as most items are carefully handmade. 

ALL SALES ARE FINAL; however, if there is a problem please contact us at info@bygabby.org


By Gabby cannot always offer a choice of item, color, or logos/designs for the products featured in our shop, as only certain materials and colors will take to the dyeing process and our inventory varies regularly.  The items pictured on our website are only samples of the “style” of shirt featured, not the color or exact logo. 

Please e-mail us at info@bygabby.org to work with us on a specific custom order. 

Prices will vary. 


By Gabby Guaranteed:

You will always receive an item with a logo or design featuring the college/university of your choosing! 

We always guarantee your specific “style” and customizations - (i.e. braided back; add studs, add lace etc.)


*By Gabby does not promote underage drinking; please tailgate responsibly*