Full Zip Tee

College/University-Write EXACT name of the college/university- you can request specific color, but COLOR is NOT GUARANTEED AND IS BASED ON AVAILABILITY (i.e. University of Florida-blue item).

Zippered or un-zippered, this look will definitely get you noticed. Wear it alone or layer it for versatility.

These shirts are cropped. Smalls and mediums are 18 inches long from collar to bottom, large are 20 inches long from collar to bottom, and XL are 22 inches from collar to bottom.

*Shirt colors, as well as school logos/designs, vary significantly. Please be aware of this when making your purchase. The Items pictured on our website are only samples of the “style” of shirt featured, not the color or exact logo.  For more information check out "HOW IT WORKS" 


You will always receive an item with a logo or design featuring the college/university of your choosing! (however logos/designs WILL vary)

We always guarantee your specific “style” and customizations - (i.e. braided back; add studs, add lace, etc.)