Welcome to the blog by Gabby!

This is a new addition to our college apparel website. Yes, we have a “passion for fashion,” but we want to turn this passion into a community filled with fun, fashion-loving college girls. With this new blog feature, we hope to share a little insight about the things to look forward to during your college years! We want to be your go to guide for applying, dating, going out, greek life, where to live, where to eat, majors, how to get more involved and most importantly… how to be fashionable through it all! But with all seriousness, we want to foster a community to talk about how to make the most of your college years and us at By Gabby cannot wait to get started! If there is a specific topic you want us to talk about, or a funny story you want to share, please feel free to DM us at @bygabby_ or email us at info@bygabby.org.

Meet the By Gabby Team! 

Gabby Finkel, the founder and creator of By Gabby

Age: 23 years old 

College: UF alum

Favorite place to go out at school: Palominos- best outdoor patio bar with a stage! 

Favorite late night eats: Dominos until junior year then I converted to McDonald’s

Favorite By Gabby style: Bandana Halter Top

Meet Sydney Isseks

Social media intern

Age: 20 years old 

College: UF 

Favorite place to go out at school: Depends on the day, but normally Fat Daddy’s 

Favorite late night eats: Boca Fiesta (nothing is better than chips and guac after a night out!)

Favorite By Gabby style: Lindsay’s Tee

Meet Kyra Ehrlinger

Social Media Intern

Age: 19

College: LIM College

Favorite place to go out at school: Lucy’s Rooftop

Favorite late night eats: Rose’s Pizza

Favorite By Gabby style: Morgan’s Mesh Tee

Meet Rachel Sterling

Social media intern

Age: 18

College: Tulane University 

Favorite place to go out at school: The Boot/ Bruno’s 

Favorite late night eats: Boot Pizza 

Favorite By Gabby style: Jordan’s Hoodie and Bub’s Tee

Meet Lexi Barten

Social media intern

Age: 19 years old 

College: UF 

Favorite place to go out at school: Fat Daddy’s

Favorite late night eats: Pizza by the Slice

Favorite By Gabby style: College Jersey!