About by gabby

Hi, I'm Gabby. For an idea to succeed, it must fill a void in the current market. The void we are filling in is the need for cute college clothes for girls! The two options offered for college apparel have always been the typical boy tees found in bookstores everywhere, or the novel "woman's" item (which really meant an uncomfortable and skin-tight alternative to those unflattering boy t-shirts). 

I started visiting colleges my junior year of high school and by the time I had finally made my decision, I had about 100 college shirts from various schools that I'd never end up wearing again. So, I started messing around with acid wash, scissors, and my sewing machine. I knew that girls like me needed a fun and trendy alternative to the average college apparel, so I turned boxy, plain t-shirts into customized fashion statements. In doing so, I created unique, one-of-a-kind shirts that girls can rock at a game or wear anytime to represent their school, team, sorority, or camp with pride.

As word of mouth spread, the @bygabby_  Instagram blew up with followers and customers placed orders for themselves, family members, and as gifts for others. Since then, by Gabby became a fast growing company specializing in transforming basic tees and sweatshirts into so much more. Not only do we offer custom made college apparel, but we have expanded and are doing so much more than college! We have tons of current styles for our customers and are always growing to offer the best and most current styles for all types of clothing.

5 years later, I have now graduated from the University of Florida. I'm so happy to see tons of girls feeling confident about themselves-looking amazing at tailgates, at parties, and walking around campus.

We have also expanded our products, beyond college to everyday trends!

Order today, and stand out in the crowd!